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  • Nov


    Personal Basketball habits

    1. Be early (early is on time) at games and practice on time.
    2. Leave late after working on your game.
    3. Be teachable in both your academically and basketball skills.
    4. Be respectful to coaches, custodians, fans, officials, teammates, etc.
    5. Have a good work ethic (hard) at practice and during the game.
    6. Know what position you are best suited for. (no debate)
    7. Be a great defensive player (not block shots or back tips) but good footwork: close out, block out, hands up, ball pressure. Have good timing, and able to read the defense.
    8. Be a good communicator.
    9. Be able to display the fundamentals of the game. (passing under pressure)
    10. Work on your shooting range daily.
    11. Is a good team player? Can set up his teammates. Can pass on the move.

    Prepare your Academic options:

    1. Chose three programs you want to get into.
    2. Establish five colleges/universties you would be interested in going in. (within your ability).
    3. Be a good student and your grades need to be a "B" and "A"s. 
    4. You need to put together video of player's game highlights.
    5. Call & write coaches in a humble matter.


    • What they told Chris Weber “if you are good they will find you”. This seems to be a prevalent thought among coaches.
    •  There are many players out an about throughout the cities in the US that have some great skills but failed some of those first