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HEA Firebirds FAQ

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    Who/what are the HEA Firebirds?

    The Home Educators Association (HEA) is a group of volunteers. Our mission is to provide a physically beneficial and spiritually healthy sports environment to Western Wayne and Southern Oakland County youth. This provides an opportunity to develop Christ-like character, team unity and athletic skills as we focus on consistency, determination, dependability and enthusiasm. We believe that God has created within all of us the desire to play and learn. These desires are good and should be fulfilled in a God-honoring way.

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    What age does my child need to be?

    Sports Academy is for young children aged 5 - 12 just learning to play sports and have fun, while the competitive HEA program is for boys and girls aged 8 - 18. If your child is younger than 8 he may still be able to play, just contact Mark Brandel at 248-907-0038.

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    Where are practices and home games held?

    Practices and home games for Basketball and Volleyball are held at:

    Legacy Church (LC)

    45301 West 11 Mile Rd

    Novi, MI 48375

    Legacy Center (LCB)

    9299 Goble Dr.

    Brighton, MI 48113

    Schoolcraft College (SC)

    PE Building

    18600 Haggerty Rd.

    Livonia, MI 48152

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    When are practices held?

    Practices vary from year to year depending on our coaching staff. Here is a typical schedule:
    12U - 2 days per week 1.5 hours
    14U - 3 days per week 1.5 hours
    18U - 4 days per week 2.0 hours

    Practices are Monday - Friday, between 3pm and 9pm.

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    When are games held?

    Games can vary widely due to scheduling with various opponents. Typically games are on Tuesday and Friday, while tournaments are on Saturday. Here is a typical schedule:
    14U - Start times between 4:00 and 6:00pm are typical
    18U - Start times between 6:00 and 7:30pm are typical

    Please check out the Calendar for updated game information.

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    What do these acronyms mean?

    Volleyball Description | Boys Basketball Description
    V12 Volleyball 12 and under | B10 Basketball Boys 10 and under
    V14 Volleyball 14 and under | B12, G12 Basketball Boys/Girls 12 and under
    V16 Volleyball 16 and under | B14, G14 Basketball Boys/Girls 14 and under
    V18 Volleyball 18 and under | B16, G16 Basketball Boys/Girls 16 and under
    | B18, G18 Basketball Boys/Girls 18 and under
    After the sport and age, some groups have "B", "N", "R" or "O".
    B, N, and R are our highly competitive teams. O is for our newer players.

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    What equipment is needed for practice?

    The following equipment is needed for practice:



    Sports Academy:

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    What equipment is needed for games?

    The following equipment is needed for games: uniform jersey and uniform shorts (provided), indoor shoes for basketball or volleyball. Game balls will be provided on game days, please leave yours at home.

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    How much does it cost?

    The registration fee for returning players is $100 per athlete.

    Uniform Deposit - a post-dated check for $95 is required when the uniform is issued. The check is torn up when the uniform is returned in its entirety.

    The participation fee varies by age and sport:

    Volleyball Cost | Basketball Cost
    V12 $175 | B10 $190
    V14 $250 | B12, G12 $275
    V16 $325 | B14, G14 $350
    V18 $400 | B16, G16 $400
    | B18, G18 $400
    National teams add $75 for the season.

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    How do I register my son/daughter?

    See the registration tab or click here: Registration

    Still need help? Call or text Mark Brandel at 248-907-0038 or send us an email:

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    How can I help with the program?

    This is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run program. You can help by: Coaching, Assistant Coaching, Home game admissions table, Home game concession stand, Home game set-up, Home game clean-up, Home game clock manager, Score keeping for Home and Away games. Help with practices: lead/monitor skills and drills, Replenishing first aid supplies, Uniform manager: check out/check in/repair uniforms.     "Team Mom" - The team mom is a contact person (other than the coach) to answer your questions and communicate with regarding team member absences, away game carpooling and a variety of needs. This person helps make sure people know what they need to know...just like a mom, right? One team mom per team would be ideal!